A visit to the pilot sites of Albillos and Presencio in Burgos to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the activities of the Poll-Ole-GI SUDOE project

On 21st June the first Technical Workshop on Green Infrastructures for the protection of pollinators was held in collaboration with the Green Office of the University of Burgos. This workshop included several talks and practical experiments designed to provide more in-depth knowledge of the Poll-Ole-GI SUDOE project. These activities included a visit to two of the pilot sites in Albillos and Presencio in the province of Burgos in Spain.

The first part of this experiment took place at the Príncipe Felipe Vocational Training Integrated Centre (Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional, CIFP) in Albillos. A series of talks were held in the assembly room of this centre in order to explain the project in more detail. In the first place Andrés Escolar, the director of the CIFP Príncipe Felipe, welcomed those attending. Subsequently Carlos Rad, a doctor of Chemistry, explained what the Poll-Ole-GI SUDOE project consisted of; Noelia Sainz, a student of Agro-Food Engineering of the University of Burgos, spoke of the agronomic design of the pilot areas; and Evan Marks, a doctor of Ecology, revealed some of the first results obtained.

Photo 1: Visit to the pilot site of the CIFP Principe Felipe, Albillos

Then the flower meadow of the installations of the centre was visited; Javier López, a doctor of Biology, explained the seed varieties that had been planted there. He spoke of their influence on agricultural crops and also carried out a practical experiment in which those attending learnt about the methods used at this pilot site. A visit was also made to the apiary of the centre where some keys were given to the follow-up of the beekeeping platform of observation.

We then visited the pilot site in Presencio where Luis Oscar Aguado, an entomologist of Iniciativas Andrena and a collaborator with Poll-Ole-GI SUDOE, explained the impact of pollinators on agro-ecological measures. He also demonstrated a sampling to discover more about the pollinators that can be found in this area. 

Photo 2: Example of an entomological sampling.

Finally, a visit was made to the Bodegas Buezo wine cellar in Mahamud. In all 43 people took part and the surveys completed at the end of the experiment showed that the level of satisfaction of those attending was very high.