Poll-Ole-GI SUDOE partner Autonomous University of Madrid organized a workshop on pollinator identification in alignment with Poll-Ole-GI’s objective of monitoring bee populations

On November 15th 2017 Poll-Ole-GI SUODE partner Socio-ecosystems Laboratory from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) organized the Technical Workshop on Taxonomy and Identification of Pollinators, held at the UAM’s campus in Madrid. According to Poll-Ole-GI participant and Organizing Committee Chair José González, “the objective was for technicians and researchers associated with the project to get up date on the latest advances in taxonomy and identification of Iberian pollinators. The workshop will be of great help when carrying out the project analyses and planning samplings for the next campaigns.” The instructors, Luis Oscar Aguado Martín and Piluca Álvarez Fidalgo, are some of the most foremost Spanish experts on bees and flies, respectively. 15 people attended the workshop.

Photo- The workshop attendees.